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Highly Integration

Our parts for industrial hardware we can create for you. Our Motor Company is a unique source for the off-beat hardware you’ve been hunting, and in many cases is the only source – the relationships with corporations and manufacturers are often exclusive. Our Corporation was founded in 1980, the headquarter is located at Motor & Precision Science Park in Taiwan. We provides the universal electric machinery products, also the variety modular customize service.We are designated supplier of many international brands.We have helped to build a better world for the people and communities that we serve.

Flexible Production Lines

Customized service and high quality are our strengths and our pride as well. Officially licensed parts from General Motors. Correct repop pieces from the best quality of parts.Distinctive Industries and many others.Visit our Motor Company for all these and more products every day. Feel free to email or call if you’d like to know more, or have an idea for something we can create for you.The advanced manufacturing equipment allows us to meet the customer's needs.