Win The Trust From Our Customers

Motors, generators and electrical components – electronic controls, switches, protectors – are at the core of many of the electrical products produced today. We provide a complete set of services for all your business needs, from appliance motors to industrial motors and generators.

We offer independent testing, construction analysis, performance evaluations, nonsafety testing and other services, which can be as valuable as certification. These services are specifically designed to help you make the best decisions about how to proceed with your products, potentially saving your time and money as you work to enter today’s competitive marketplace & precision testing instruments in quality assurance for our customers.

Our go to market services include,our policies specific to the goal of environmental protection and sanitary safety are as follows: CB certificates/Type certificates/test reports/Safety certifications/International Electrotechnical Commission -based insulation/system evaluations/International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive/Certificates of Conformance